About Us

Pilgrim Church of Christ is in the historic Glenville neighborhood on the Eastside of Cleveland,
Ohio. It is affiliated with the International Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC).


Since its founding in 1933, Pilgrim has thrived under the leadership and spiritual guidance of three
pastors. The church and its current leadership operate under the banner, We are a ‘‘People Reaching
People, Each Child a Soul Winner.’’ Pilgrim strives to fulfill its mission through preaching, praise and
worship, Christian education, community outreach, social justice and evangelism, music, and leadership development.


Our church is governed by a Board of Trustees and Deacon’s Board. In addition to our
ministerial and administrative staff, our ministries include Mothers’ Board, Women’s Ministry,
Brotherhood, Christian Education, Helps and Hospitality, Armor Bearers Young
People’s Union (ABYPU), PCOC Music Ministry, Social Media/Technology Ministry,
and the Social Justice, Economic and Racial Equality Commission


The church uses print, web, social media, and video and audio recordings to share its message to
the broader community.


Pilgrim is a spirit-filled, worship-loving, family-oriented church. We love music. We love to
fellowship. Pilgrim has a reputation for being a responsive, stable force in this urban
neighborhood. Its members are within walking distance of the church as well as from several
outer-ring suburbs. Pilgrim is a prayerful, committed, and hardworking church that follows the
Apostolic/Pentecostal teachings.